Why doesn’t my brain ever remember things the way they actually are? I remember the Gorge MetroPark as this beautiful easy hike with an exciting waterfall view.

The Gorge really is a long walk next to a sheer drop-off into the rapids of the Cuyahoga River. It’s also partially closed, muddy, and eroding into the rock-filled ravines.

But, still I love it. Although next time I go hiking there I will not bring these three people with me unless I can also bring Rob. He was on a plane to Boston, so I decided to kill some time on Sunday afternoon with a moderate hike with the girls. We hit the trail right at the start of nap time, so I’m very impressed that we made it at all. Let alone that we were able to not fall to our doom, not fight even once, and not get stuck in the mud. Unfortunately, I was too busy preventing all of these inevitabilities so I wasn’t able to capture any more pictures.

The girls were really excited about seeing Mary Campbell’s cave. They were surprised it was so big, and were suspicious that it was even a cave at all. Olivia was really upset that her church socks got all muddy (why did she wear them?!). Elise was really worried she was going to fall into a ravine. And Cressida was really torn between choosing to be carried and walking by herself.

At the end of the hike I met Greg (I think) from Live Instense. Live Intense is the brain child of three recent college graduates who are trying to promote intentionally living in the outdoors. They were meeting up with people for a monthly group hike and had their banner out, so I stopped by to see what was up. Greg told me that they are in the final days of a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for some T-Shirts to promote their website and their group. Why don’t you hop on over to their website and see if you’d like to kick a couple of dollars their way?

And thanks, Greg, for the bottled water, I had used all of ours to wash off Olivia’s church socks.