Last week I took the girls to Eddy’s Bike Shop in Fairlawn because I needed to get some inner tube repair patches for my bike. But Eddy’s was having a $50 off Trek bikes sale (you should see if they still have the sale going on!) and we just got our taxes back….

Oops. I bought my first new bike ever. It’s the 7100, and it is basically like gliding down the road on butter.  It is so smooth!

Can I just say that buying a new bike at Eddy’s is like all of the things I like at once? Athletic gear, outdoor opportunities, small business support, family togetherness, eco-friendly transportation. Basically, it’s perfect.

Here’s the photos of the girls’ and my bike outing. We loaded everyone up and hit the Memorial Trailhead of the Towpath for a quick before dinner ride. I keep the bike rack on the van from April to November, just in case we need to hit the trail on a whim.

Please note my hipster basket toting my purse. I could have bought one at Eddy’s for a pretty hefty price, and I would have been happy. But I happen to have had a basket just the right size sitting in my garage doing nothing at all. So my neighbor gave me some heavy duty plastic chord ties and we attached that sucker to my handle bars. I am officially cooler now that I have a basket on my hybrid bike. And a bike trailer, too. Yes. I’m feeling cool.