It’s chilly here today, so what I should be writing up is a post about amazing hand knit/crochet items, but one of my new favs can’t be posted yet, and the other isn’t photographed. It’s too gloomy to get the light right today but I might even post up a crochet pattern for you once I get a sunny day.

In the meantime, I have just enough time to write up this tutorial on how to turn a men’s shirt into a mitered square cloth napkin before I have to run car pool. This project is a great way to use up scrap fabric in prints you love, too. And it’s an awesome project for beginners.

All you need for this fantastic project is a shirt or fabric scrap, grid ruler, a rotary cutter, marking pencil or chalk, and sewing machine. Nothing special!

I like big ol’ napkins so I cut my piece from the shirt back. It’s 18″ by 18″ square. You can make more from the same shirt, obviously, if you make them smaller and then you can have a set. But I like them all miss-matched. I wouldn’t be able to find the set if I had it anyway!  So on a cutting mat, use a rotary cutter to cut your piece in order to get a nice clean edge. You can also use scissors if you really take your time.

Next you fold up your fabric into a bandana shape, corner to corner.

In the folded corner line up the marks on your ruler to the folded edge. Slide to ruler until the measurement from folded edge to cut edge equals 1 1/2″, perpendicular to the fold. Mark it.

Over at the machine, stitch along that line you marked for 1/2″, back stitching to secure the seam.

Clip a scant 1/4″ seam allowance.

See how the seam opens up? That’s what you want.

Go ahead and turn the corner out, poking the corner all the way out with a knitting needle or bone turner. Fold the raw edge into the seam.

Give her a good press with the seam all tucked in nicely at 1/2″.

Stitch the seams, turning in the corners with your needle down, going all the way around in one pass.

Lovely! And Done! So now you’re one napkin closer to a dinner party.