teabagseeds1Here’s a seed packet idea I made last year for spring gardening gifts.  It’s worth reposting while we’re still in prime seed season.


I’ve been thinking about interesting ways to create seed packets.  I collect & save seeds from my garden each year, plus I rarely use all the seeds from the store-bought seed packets, so I give away lots of seeds.

I’ve also wondered what to do with the pretty pyramid tea bags after using them…thus I combined the two ideas and made seed packets out of pyramid tea bags!


pyramid tea bags, seeds, super glue, picture of plant (from store-bought seed packet, seed catalog, internet, personal photograph), white cardstock, square 1″ paper punch, tape runner or other glue for paper, ink pen.


1.  Drink your tea and keep the tea bag.

Lipton Pyramid Tea Bags

2.  Pull apart the bag on a seam.  Remove used tea leaves, rinse bag, and let it dry.

emptied and clean tea bag

3.  Insert seeds into bag.

fill with seeds

4.  Reseal bag with superglue on the original seam.  Allow to dry.

glue bag closed

5.  Create a label for the tea bag.  Begin by removing the old tea label.  Using a square paper punch, cut out a picture of the plant and a piece of plain white cardstock.


6.  On the cardstock, write the plant name.  Using tape runner or other paper glue, adhere the two pieces of paper together with the tea’s string in the middle.


7.  Make enough seed packets to fit in whatever sized container you’re using.


8.  Finally decorate a pretty container to gift your seed packets.  I used an old Starbucks jar and wrapped it with paper & ribbon.  I wrote the word “seeds” with letters from my Sizzix, but you could use stamps or stickers too.


9.  Make sure to include planting instructions.  You can print instructions from internet websites (like Learn 2 Grow) or photocopy your original store-bought seed packets instructions.