seaglass12There are a few different ways to wire-wrap sea glass so it can be used in jewelry, and here’s one of the simplest ways to do it.  Plus, you can use this technique to wrap other items without holes such as wood, shells, tiles, and other found objects.

Supplies:  round nosed pliers, wire cutters, flat nosed pliers, earring wires, sea glass, extra beads (optional), craft wire (I used 24 gauge, but play with different gauges for your project.  If my glass was larger, I’d probably use 22 or 24 gauge wire.)


1.  Using your wire cutters, cut a piece of wire to wrap your first piece of sea glass.  My wire is 7 inches long, but if my glass were larger or I want to wrap more times around, I’d need a longer piece.  Either way, with the inexpensive craft wire it doesn’t hurt to cut a longer piece than what you’ll need.  You could also keep one piece of wire as scrap, wrap it around the sea glass, unwrap it, and measure how much wire you used, so you can cut a more specific length & have less waste.


2.  Using your round nose piers, grab the wire about 1 1/2 inches from the end.  With your hand, bend the wire around the pliers to make a loop.


3.  Grab the end of this short piece of wire with your flat nosed pliers.  While holding the round nose pliers still, use the flat nose pliers to wrap the short piece of wire around & around the longer piece of wire.  Wrap two or more times around.


4.  Use wire cutters to cut off extra wire as close to the wire-wrapping as possible.  Use either pair of pliers to press the end of the wire into the wire-wrap so you don’t feel the end & so it doesn’t catch on your clothing.

seaglass55.  Now place the loop at the top of your sea glass.  Hold it in place with one hand while you use the other hand to tightly wrap the wire around the glass.  You can wrap as few or many times as you like as long as your wrapping holds the glass from falling out.


6.  Next, to finish the wire wrapping, bring the working wire to the wire-wrapped loop you first made.  Wrap around a couple times, cut extra wire off, and use pliers to push the cut end flush with the rest of the wire.


7.  Now, you could just take this sea glass pendant & attach it directly to your ear wires, but I’ll also show you how to wire-wrap some beads to it.

8.  Cut a piece of wire the length of your beads plus about 1 1/2 inch on both sides of the beads.  If you begin by making a wire-wrapped loop, you wouldn’t be able to open it later to attach it to the sea glass loop.  So, here’s what you do differently:  Form a loop at the end of the wire like you did previously (by wrapping it around the round nose pliers).  Insert the sea glass wire-wrapped loop into this loop.  Now you can continue making the wire-wrapped loop just like you did for the sea glass pendant.


9.  After finishing the loop, add your beads.  Then make a wire-wrapped loop on the other side of the wire.  Open the loop on the ear wire, insert the wire-wrapped loop, and close the ear wire.