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I have a few boxes of unnecessary things in my basement. When I see them they make me feel frustrated and cluttered. So I’m taking advantage of summer and passing my things on to someone who does find them necessary. This Saturday Colleen, my friend Jamie, and I are having a Yard Sale at my house. This is the first time I’ve sold things in a yard sale, and I’m a little bit nervous about looking at my stuff and trying to name a price for it.

I’m trying to keep in mind this post I read back in April, on SimpleMom, which I found via Like Merchant Ships. The Art of Negotiating is something I’m not the most comfortable with, but after reading her tips on negotiating I feel a little less competitive about it and more hopeful I will walk away happy. Take her rule #2 for example:

Rule 2.  There is almost ALWAYS a WIN-WIN for both parties.

Negotiating a deal does not always mean one person wins and the other loses.  As much as you might think of negotiating as something a shady car salesman would do, most successful negotiations in life are the ones are where both parties reach a mutually agreeable decision.

I had this experience at a Yard Sale I happened upon this Friday. It seemed like the man wasn’t getting a lot of traffic and still had a yard full of things late afternoon. There was an extension ladder for sale. We’ve been looking for one since we bought our house, so I stopped. I hopped out of the car and said, “How much for the ladder?” “Ten, what do you think?” So I said, “I’ve got $7 on me, will that do?” and he sold it to me happily, probably just to get it off his lawn. But in the end we negotiated, and no one lost.

So bring your happy Negotiating Face with you when you go Yard Saling this summer. Everyone will win!