I had been looking for a gift for my friend’s baby shower.  I considered making a words book but decided it would be better for a 1 year old.  After some brainstorming & crafty research, I settled on making crocheted flower clips.  

crochet-flowerI typed “crochet flower pattern” into Google images and found lots of wonderful items!  But sometimes the pattern was really confusing and poorly written, and other times the pattern was written in UK crochet terms (and I’m not that tallented of a crocheter to dive into that!)  The flower & leaf pattern that worked best for my project is by Lucy at Attic 24.  I used embroidery floss, a size US 6/1.6mm crochet hook, kids hair clips, and a hot glue gun.  


1.  Make the flower & leaf with the pattern from Attic 24.  I wanted smaller flowers for baby proportions, so I only crocheted the first layer of petals in the flower pattern, but to make a larger flower you can make the second layer as well.  

2.  Hot glue the flower & leaf to a kids hair clip.  I like the ribbon covered clips I found at Target, although they had ribbon bows on them that I had to remove.  I just pulled at the bows until the glue came off.