cereal_box_gift_bag-colleen_pennI love participating in contests, “calls for entries”, and anything else that rallies lots of people around a particular artistic theme.  A few months back I finished my recycled cereal box turned gift bag and submitted it for the book 1000 Ideas for  Creative Reuse by Quarry Books, authored by Garth Johnson at Extreme Craft.  

This bag was actually a lot of work, but not only is it made from something recycled, it’s sturdy.  It can be reused and passed around probably for years.  Plus it’s handmade and people love to know you put a lot of work into a special gift just for them.  

Bag instructions:  Cut off cereal box lid (I used a Chex box).  Paint box with gesso (helps prep the surface for paint).  Paint with acrylic paint.  Punch holes for ribbon and attach ribbon by knotting the ribbon inside the box.  Use adhesive to attach ribbon around the center of the box (I used tape runner).  Draw lines above and below ribbon with sharpie marker.  Cut flowers from scrapbook paper and adhere to black card stock for strength; cut out flowers again, leaving black paper border.  Adhere with 3D glue dots.  Stamp “happy birthday” with black ink.  Add a spray sealant for extra durability.


2-bagsSpeaking of gift bags…the reason I thought to post this project is because I ran across a cute gift bag craft today on How About Orange.  It uses envelopes to make mini bags or “baglettes”.  I have to try these using recycled junk mail envelopes or even the ones with the plastic windows.